Frequently Asked Questions



    1. Are the Saddle Pads from MyHorsesCloset breathable?
    2. How do I care for my Saddle Pads (Sparkly Glitter and/or Luxury Satin)?
    3. How can I wash my Brushing Boots?
    4. Are you products vegan?
    5. Are your products Handmade?
    6. Who is designing your Products?


    1. How long will it take my order to arrive?
    2. Where do you Ship?
    3. Do you offer Free Shipping?

Refunds & Returns:

    1. How Do I return a product?
    2. What if I received the wrong product?
    3. What happens if I dont claim my package?

Payments & Orders:

    1. What type of payment do you accept?
    2. Do you offer split payments (ex.pay-in-4) so I can lower my invoice?
    3. Do I have to pay Sales tax?
    4. Can I use multiple Coupons at checkout?



Product Care:

Are the Saddle Pads from MyHorsesCloset breathable?

Yes, all saddle pads from MyHorsesCloset are made highly breathable. It's like your bath foam. The humidity is able to go through the saddle pad, wether the lining is made of mesh or cotton lining. Through the foam, the air and transpiration of your horse goes laterally under your saddle. 


How do I care for my Saddle Pads?

You can read more in this MHC Mag article that I posted here. I do not advise to use a strong washing machine nor any agressive laundry detergent. It may affect your glitter fabric. Some washing machine may have the tendency to grab small pieces of fabric within the tiny holes of the loader and tear it apart. I would recommend using a hand wash program, front load machine at a very low speed. Place your saddle pad upside down in a large pillow case or a zipped large washing bag. Select a cold water delicate program. Use a gentle Detergent. 
On every day basis, I would recommend letting the saddle pad dry in the shade, upside down. Before the next use, just brush the mesh and outer fabric to remove excess of hair, dirt, dust, sweat. Let your freshly washed saddle pad hang dry in the shade, upside down, away from direct sunlight (sun tends to damage the colors of any fabric).
I personally cold hose my saddle pad when I need to wash them and let them dry in my tack room or let them dry overnight and pick them up at the sunrise to avoid any sun damage. Amelie_


How can I wash My Horse's Vegan Brushing Boots?

You can read more in the Blog Article on MHC MAG here.
You can wash your horse boots in your washing machine (in a zipped closed laundry bag with a gentle detergent - delicate program & Cold water only) or by hand. I highly recommend to hand wash your products.


Are you products vegan?

The Sparkly Glitter and the Amboise Luxury Brushing boots are 100% Vegan. No leather or animal ingredient/product. The products in PU LEATHER which means it is an artificial leather, also called synthetic leather, is a material intended to substitute for leather.


Are your products Handmade?

All the products sold by MyHorsesCloset are handmade - in My creative Studio in North California (Previously in Los Angeles) USA or overseas. I also make custom saddle pads in my Creative Studio on request for instance.  Because each product receives an individual attention during the production, each piece is a limited edition & is unique. Amelie_


Who is designing your Products?

I am the designer of MyHorsesCloset. I design each piece from France or in the USA. I research and select each material, from the lining to the selection of the outer fabric. I draw each product at first and sketch my ideas before making a decision. My background in Design and Fashion has been an incredible skillset for yHorsesCloset. I work on making a couple of first samples  to test them out under saddle during riding sessions and adjust the production and/or materials as needed. I want YOU to be happy with your purchase :)



How long will it take my order to arrive?

It can take 10-14 business days. Although, I tend to ship your order in the next 72/80 hours after you placed the order and select a shipper (USPS or UPS) for your delivery to happen in the next 2 to 3 business days.
But sometimes, the little mailman can be a little longer. You can follow the tracking number from your account and you will also get notified by email (or text if you picked this option) that your product has shipped!


Where do you Ship?

I am located in North California (previously I was located in Los Angeles Area), USA. I fulfill all the orders for North America (meaning USA and Canada) from my home. I can also ship internationally if necessary with DHL.
Contact me by email for any international shipping request: myhorsesclosetparis@gmail.com.
If you are located in Europe and you would like to make an order, please visit the french Website at myhorsescloset.fr and get your product shipped via Mondial Relay.


Do you offer Free Shipping?

I am excited to tell you that I am offering Free Shipping for customers (retailers excluded) on US Continental orders over $149.



Refunds & Returns:

How Do I return a product?

I am sorry you do not wish to keep your item. You have 15 days to return a product from the day you received it (exclusions to Final Sale and Retiring products). Jewelry items may have some restrictions. 

Sales, discount, or other clearance merchandise items cannot be exchanged and all sale items are final sales.

Please, contact me asap at myhorsesclosetparis@gmail.com to process your return and/or exchange. Please, visit the return policy and the refund policy.


What if I received the wrong product?

Oh No! I am so sorry. If you have received the wrong item, please contact me asap (in the 15 days following your package delivery date) at myhorsesclosetparis@gmail.com.


What happens if I don't claim my package?

Packages that are unclaimed, destroyed or sent back to me will be charged for any returning applicable fees of $20 USD.
If you are experiencing issues with a carrier (USPS or UPS), please contact me and file a claim ASAP with the carrier responsible for your delivery.



Payments & Orders:

What type of payment do you accept?

I accept any payment covered by Stripe below:

payment methods


Do you offer split payments (ex.pay-in-4) so I can lower my invoice?

Your best option will be to use Paypal. Indeed, this option allows you to pay your online order in 4 at checkout. Read more on Paypal.com

We now offer ShopPay at checkout. This third party vendor allows you to split your payment if you qualify. 


Do I have to pay Sales tax?

Yes. Like all companies, even if I am a very small business, I am required by law to charge sales tax in all states where I can ship.


Can I use multiple Coupons at checkout?

Unfortunately, you can only use one coupon per order.

Coupon codes are calculated off the sub-total and tax does not count toward sub-total.