How do I clean my brushing boots?

How do I clean my brushing boots?

There are various ways you can clean your brushing boots. 


You can wash your horse boots in your washing machine or by hand. The choice is yours! I hose clean mine. It takes less than 5 min and does a great job. The Brushing boots from My Horses Closet are very low maintenance. :)


Before I dive into the subject, remember to brush off your boots regularly after use to dust them off, keep the sand away from the fur and reduce the friction / irritation risks, and catch eventual breakages before they happen.


Our glitter and Synthetic Brushing boots are easy to take care of. They should not require nothing more than a quick hose down. But let's say you are like me and you ride in a dusty or muddy area during winter. Here is my solution:


What you need:

  • Natural Soap or non agressive detergent
  • Water (hot or cold) - ideally with pressured hose 
  • Hand brush 
  • and max 5 minutes of your time!



how to clean the boots


First, start by cleaning the velcro from any foreign material with a brush or just pick it out with your fingers. Hay, grass, sand can get into the velcro easily and reduce the way the velcro works.


Once I made sure my velcro straps are clean and in good standing, I simply head towards the shower rack to was my boots once every couple of weeks (or more often if it is raining season here in California).

I start by placing my boots the fur side up. With a hose, at warm to cold temperature, I simply pressure the inside to remove stain or muddy spots. If necessary, I would use a gentle soap (usually a Dr Bronner's type of soap) and brush for the stains that do not want to go away (most likely to happen on the beige fur).


Water hosed


Once I am done with the inside fur/lining, I just flip my boot upside down to clean the outer part with the same action: hose, brush, rinse.

I them squeeze slightly the boot to remove the excel of water without shrinking them nor squeezing too much.  

Hang the boots to dry in the shade (sunlights may damage the colors) and store the boots in a dry place. :)


Et Voilà!

hang dry in the shade



You do not believe me? haha, Check the video I made on Insta Story:


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