HOW TO: Care for your MHC glitter Saddle Pad!

HOW TO: Care for your MHC glitter Saddle Pad!

How you should care for your glitter saddle pad to make sure they last forever (or almost!)?


Although I recommend washing your saddle pad with cold water and preferably by hands, there are multiple ways you can wash and care for your glitter saddle pad.

Here are some additional tips that helped me and some of you, riders, having your glitter pad as shiny for as long as possible!


Let's make sure we are all aligned.


❀️ I Recommend these following steps:

  • Brush the dirt and hair off the pad with a plastic hair brush. I found a little cute rubber brush at a dollar store and it does its magic. It brushes off the hair from the inside mesh (note, it also works on dog hair!) and also removes dirt from the outer fabric without scratching it.
    Amazon Suggestion: Rubber Brush For hair.

  • Washing the pad with gentle care - This is when I highly recommend to hand wash your glitter pad.
  • Using a natural soap or detergent (I am a big fan of Dr Bronner's Castille liquid soap or any gentle care soap/shampoo).
    Amazon Suggestion: Wool & Cashmere Shampoo.

  • Use cold or slightly warm water. Not HOT!

  • Use a laundry or Saddle pad pillow if you really insist in washing it in a washing machine (which I DO NOT RECOMMEND).
    Amazon Suggestion: Harrison Howard Washing Bag
  • Let it hang dry in the shade, face down (no direct light on the glitter side - Mesh side up).

🚨 To keep your saddle pad at the maximum of its original state:

  • Do not use Bleach or powerful and/or chemical detergent.

  • Avoid Hot / Boiling water nor steam.

  • Avoid drying your pad in direct sunlight. UVs and sunlight have been proven to damage color on the long run. To keep your saddle pad with the maximum.

  • Avoid washing your pad in your washing machine. It can damage the saddle pad and some straps or fabric can get caught around the central agitator. Your pad will result with fabric tears.

  • Do not use a dryer (this will destroy your pad, for real!)


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