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Noble Crystal Dressage Saddle Pad Purple

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The Noble Collection

This beautiful collection is named Noble. A Premium look to look chic and shine during your rides!

It features a premium quality cotton surrounded by a line of crystals and trim ropes. This beautiful saddle pad also has glossy decorative stripe to elevate its look.

It has been created with Technical Air Mesh Lining on the inside to increase breathability during your ride.

Easy to clean, shake it or brush it off for the most part once it dried out.

The Air Mesh allows the sweat to evaporate better than regular pads.



  • Anatomically designed
  • Crystal trim
  • Glossy Stripe
  • Elevated at the Wither
  • Lining: 100% Technical AirMesh
  • Jumping AP Dims: 19" x 28"
  • Dressage Dims: 20" x 26 5/8"