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Dressage Saddle Pad Versailles Black Damask Off-White

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⚜️ Versailles Collection ⚜️

This Chic and Luxurious Saddle Pad line has been created with a technical sportswear mesh on the inside.

The lining increases breathability and allows the sweat to evaporate better than regular pads.

The Damask Detail elevates the look of your pad.

High quality fabric and super trendy colors.



  • Anatomically designed 
  • Elevated at the Wither
  • Athletic Sportswear Mesh Lining
  • Jumping AP Dims: 23 1/4 " L  x 22.5" Height (30.5" at the widest middle section Length)
  • Dressage Dims: 24" Length x 21.5" Height



  • Hand Wash-cold & gentle care
  • Do not tumble dry

Polo Wraps sold separately.