Welcome to our new Brand Ambassador: Elizabeth Evans

Welcome to our new Brand Ambassador: Elizabeth Evans


Welcome our new Brand Ambassador: Elizabeth Evans.

Elizabeth is 27 and lives in California, USA. She is also the manager of Mischief Farm Show Jumping, a barn located in the Los Angeles area. Her barn is specialized in European Style Show Jumping.

Elizabeth has been riding since the age of five. She started her riding career in dressage, but then transitioned to jumpers in her early teens.

Elizabeth's mom is also a training with a heavy background in dressage. Elizabeth grew up with her mom who presented her with plenty of opportunities to ride all types of horses and learn everything from the ground up.

Elizabeth started riding for her family business when she was around 13 and haven’t looked back since. She has spent many years growing my knowledge base through clinics with top level riders as well as educational programs.  

Elizabeth strives to create riders who are competitive but are horsemen first. At Mischief Farm, her barn, the horses come first. This means they use products that actually benefit the horse and have proven results.
Same goes for day to day management; the horses are given the best nutritional care so they can perform at their best.

At her barn, Elizabeth works with each horse and rider to accomplish their goals and create the best results.

Above all Elizabeth and her mother believe that no matter what you want to do, be it showing in the 1.30m or just hacking your horse, you should be having fun with your horse.

Credits: courtesy of Elizabeth Evans & Patti Monson (photographer).

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