Top 5 Riding School / Barn Pet Peeves!

Top 5 Riding School / Barn Pet Peeves!

I want to write a bit about these horror stories, or should I say my top 5 Pet peeves that we all have encountered one day in our life!

Pardon my english, remember I am French ;) Hopefully your pet peeves are not related to any english grammar hahaha!


1 - The mismatched leather stirrups

We all have taken a lesson on a school horse one day with this saddle. You know which one I am talking about. The one with the two different leather stirrups. The holes are not even the same, uneven, or the leather is so stretched out you have to loop them around the iron stirrups to try to fix it. Ugh!


2 - The dirty material

This may have happened to you especially when the riding school has a lot of riders. I am talking about that day when you come for your lesson and you are given a dirty (or damaged) saddle pad full of hair and mud/dirt, a dirty bridle or a bit not even clean. 
So, please, just wipe the leather quickly and clean the bit in water after the ride. Brush off the saddle pad and wash it often. It would also help prevent any sores in the horse's mouth or back/skin.


3 - The riders not cleaning after themselves

Don't you hate when someone grooms a horse in the common area and leaves everything on the floor including the cherry on the cake: a good horse poop. Why bothered cleaning, you'll probably do it for them. I have encountered this issue especially in the Wash rack where some previous riders/owners would let their horse relieve themselves and not even pick it up - which ended up clogging the Washing area. Very considerate isn't it?!


4 - This damn old vintage saddle

I have been lucky to ride in France most of my life. But before owning my mustang in the USA, I took some lessons here and there to get back into it and I was pretty rusty (I still am hahaha).

I was shocked to see that some lessons were given on old - not even flocked - saddle, from probably a vintage era. It usually goes with the dirty damaged saddle pad and the mismatched leather stirrups. LOL!

It is something to be on a budget, it is something else not to care for your instruction horses. It is well known that an unfitted saddle can hurt the horses back. On top of that, how can a rider be comfortable and learn properly sitting in a saddle that is worst than a plank of wood? I've always wondered... 


5 - The Very Rude Rider!

We all meet this rude rider one day. The one who does not even acknowledge you, not even bothering saying "Hi or bye" not even a "Please" (if he/she dares throw a sentence at you because she/he needs something). This rider may also think you are a groom. 

This rider could also be in a hurry and inconsiderate of anything outside of her/him, throwing grooming items few inches away from your horse, making big gestures or yanking on her/his horse because the poor buddy dared to move an inch.

Sadly, I am sure we all encountered one person like this. What's your rude encounter?


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