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Saddle Pads

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copy of White Cream Glossy...

Horse boots and bell set.

Anatomically contoured design.

Durable synthetic leather outer with padded inside on the strike and inside tendon zone.

Synthetic soft fur lining for high comfort and keeps dirt and sand out. It also keeps your horse tendon warm during the work session.

Premium elasticized straps with covered hook-and-loop fasteners offer a custom, secure fit.

Attractive and trendy styling in metallic colors.

Sold by pair (2 boots + 2 bell boots - total of 4 items per set) to fit front or hind legs perfectly.


  • Durable material (durable PU leather)
  • Shock absorbing
  • Tendon protection
  • Inside soft fur for max comfort
  • Protects legs against injuries during riding sessions, turnout or groundwork
  • Versatile
Price US$65.00